Along with membership fees and fundraising, we rely on individual and corporate donations to bring the best materials, services, and programs to the Mountain House Library.

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Why donate? Your donation has ripple effects! Great libraries can build stronger communities, enhance social, educational, and entertainment opportunities, increase literacy, promote academic achievement, foster a love of reading, and provide access to free resources for everyone. Every dollar makes a difference.

Your donation can be…

  • Any amount, large or small. We appreciate gifts of all sizes.
  • Fully deducted at tax time.
  • Kept anonymous.
  • Made in honor of someone special.
  • Applied to the area of most need.
  • Designated to a specific program or type of material.

Matching gifts. Many companies offer to match the amount of money their employees donate to charitable organizations. Please contact your Human Resource Department to see if your company offers a matching gift program.

Thank you for considering donating to the Mountain House Friends of the Library!