Book Sale

Attend a Book Sale

Our ongoing used book sale is located at the Mountain House Branch Library. Buy a low-cost book today! Proceeds go toward library materials, programs, and special events.

We also hold several larger used book sales each year, which often include our popular Buy a Bag deal. Attend a book sale to stock up on fiction and nonfiction books for children, teens, and adults. We have a wide variety of topics and genres to choose from, as well as occasional audiobooks, music, and film. Books sell for as low as a dime and up to a dollar. You can’t beat that!

Donate Books for Our Next Sale

Thank you for considering donating materials for our next book sale. Your donation allows the Friends of the Library to raise money to support the Mountain House Branch Library, its programs and collections. So that we can raise as much money as possible in support of our library, please consider the following when making your donation:

Items We Love

  • Clean books in good condition
  • Audio-visual materials (DVDs, CDs, audiobooks) in the original container
  • Current year magazines in good condition

Items We Cannot Accept

  • Textbooks over three years old
  • Computer books over two years old
  • Magazines over one year old
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Damaged materials (dirty, dusty, broken bindings, smoke, or bug infested)
  • Books that have been stored in damp areas

Our Most Wanted List

  • Fiction bestsellers
  • Children’s books for all ages
  • Mysteries
  • Science Fiction
  • Gardening
  • History
  • Biography
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Decorating/Home Improvement
  • Crafts